About ManiGlovz

We love gel manicures just as much as the next girl (maybe even a little more!)

But every time we placed our hands under those lights we couldn’t help but wonder, is this safe? We are admittedly a bit fanatic about sunscreen. Not just at the beach or pool but every day. We know that even those seemingly minuscule moments – in and out of the car, running daily errands – can add up to unwanted wrinkles, age spots, or worse.

So WHAT THE GEL were we thinking??? Exposing our hands to harmful Ultra Violet/LED lights??? That’s why we developed ManiGlovz®!

We sourced powerful UPF 50+ material and picked a plethora of fab and fun prints to create this ultra-chic collection of UV Protective Manicure Gloves. Now you can pick your pair and match your mood, your outfit, even your polish.

Relax and enjoy knowing you’re in good hands.

stop premature hand aging


But the nail salon isn’t the only place your hands need protecting. Any occasion that calls for sunblock calls for ManiGlovz®. Driving, gardening, even post-peel or laser treatment. And, with our new water-resistant styles, ManiGlovz® are perfect for poolside. Remember, the hands are one of the first parts of our bodies to show age. So help keep yours looking and feeling youthful!

Healthy hands are HAPPY hands!

Thanks to ManiGlovz®, you can feel confident knowing you’ve got everything well in HAND!

ManiGlovz® are made using UV 50+ Protective Compression Tricot (some with hydrating Aloe Vera Microcapsules). Comprised of a combination of polyester super microfibers and lycra, our max-dry performance fabric resists runs and provides phenomenal 4-way stretch, along with superb retention capabilities. Most ManiGlovz™ manicure gloves are 82% Polyester, 18% Lycra.

white marble manicure gloves
cotton candy manicure gloves