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First thing in the morning at Manhattan’s infamous Boom Boom Room, guests received show information printed on a pair of white gloves for Maisie Wilen’s show. On the runway, models sported various lengths of the look as a nod to ’80s glam. Consider a $20 pair of ManiGlovz to replicate the look—they’re made with UV-protective fabric for gel manicures— and look surprisingly appropriate for everything else.


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For another accessory that just won’t quit, ManiGlovz (designed to protect from gel manicure-related UV rays) shield from sun damage, seal in fancy hand treatments and prevent calluses from typing at a weirdly sharp MacBook all day.


These Fingerless Gloves Promise to Protect Your Hands From Gel Manicure Lamps' UV Damage

Depending on who you ask, gel manicures are perfectly safe. Some dermatologists and studies say the UV lamps that quickly cure gel polish put fans of the treatment at higher risk for skin cancer, while others say the exposure is so minimal that there’s nothing to worry about. However, a 2015 study published in JAMA Dermatology recommends that, despite the arguably negligible risk, gel manicure enthusiasts should use “physical blocking sunscreens or UVA protective gloves to limit the risk of carcinogenesis and photoaging.”

If you’re thinking, Wait, what the hell are UVA protective gloves?, you’re not alone. I’d never heard of such a thing back in 2015, and until today, I assumed the folks behind that study recommended an imaginary accessory. But, it turns out at least one company, ManiGlovz, is, in fact, making gloves that protect your hands’ skin from UV damage. And, yes, they are sassy as hell.


These Fingerless Manicure Gloves Protect Your Hands From Gel Manicure Lamps’ UV Damage

One of the biggest taglines in the beauty industry right now is about the potential risks of UV damage to your hands when you get a gel manicure. Studies say there might be cellular-level damage that could cause cancer, so get ManiGlovz. They have UV protection and a four-way stretch.


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If you’re heading off to a spa vacation, be sure to pack these fun but effective gloves that protect against UV and LED lights during gel manicures and dryers during regular ones. Made of UV 50+ Protective Compression Tricot, they resist runs and provide phenomenal four-way stretch. Each pair comes in its own travel pouch, and can be gently washed and hung to dry. Price: $24


Everything You Should Know About Shellac Nails and Other Gel Manicures

The major downside to Shellac and other gels is that they entail exposing your skin to UV light. Repeated UV exposure is a major risk factor for non-melanoma skin cancer. If you decide you still want to go through with a gel manicure, you can cut the fingers out of gloves with UV protection, or buy a pair specifically designed for wearing to appointments, like ManiGlovz (Buy It, $24, In addition, some people experience allergic reactions to some common ingredients in the polishes used for gel manicures. (More on that: Could You Be Allergic to Your Gel Manicure?)

The most noticeable difference between CND Shellac nail polish and other gel options is how easily it removes, Arnold says. “The Shellac formula was created so that when acetone-based removers are applied, the coating actually breaks into tiny pieces and releases from the nail, allowing for an effortless removal,” she explains. “When correctly applied and cured, tiny microscopic tunnels form throughout the coating and when it’s time to remove, the acetone penetrates through these tiny tunnels, all the way to the base layer and then releases from the nail. This means no scraping and forcing the coating from the nails like other gel polishes, preserving the health and integrity of the nail underneath.”


These Gloves Protect Your Hands From UV Rays

Who doesn’t love a gel manicure? Regular polish that chips as you are leaving the salon just doesn’t cut it anymore. However, with gels comes the UV light used to cure the polish. Enter ManiGlovz, the brainchild of Westchester resident and mother of three Kim Motola. She thought that if she’s so obsessive with sunscreen on her body when she’s out by the pool, why neglect her hands? ManiGlovz are made using UV 50+ Protective Compression Tricot and come in a variety of bright and fun patterns. They can be hand-washed and stretch, so you can easily remove them after the gel cures.

The research on the harmful effects of UV rays on your hands for a short amount of time a month vary, but we say better safe than sorry. If anything, you’ll look cute for your next nail appointment, and you can hold on to them for your next ’80s party!

ManiGlovz are available for $25 at select retailers and online at


Wear These Fingerless Gloves During Your Gel Mani to Protect Against Harmful UV Lamps

ManiGlovz ($25) was founded by Kim Motola, a self-professed “sunscreen fanatic” who felt uncomfortably hot during one session under a UV lamp. In response, she spent months researching the effects of lamps on skin and developed the UV 50+ material that makes up her gloves, which the company says protects against 98 percent of all UV rays.

Plus, each one comes in funky patterns such as pop art lips, mermaid’s tail green, and a galactic space print. There’s even a standard black for all you minimalists out there. Read on to see these accessories in action.


Everywhere you should be applying sunscreen…according to the experts.

Spot No.3: The Back of Your Hands: You know the saying: the hands reveal your age first, making frequent SPF application is even more crucial. Pick a hand cream with sunscreen built-in, covering your wrists, entire hand, and in between each finger. Also, keep a bottle handy to reapply after you wash your hands. Drive a ton? Consider physical protection to really up the ante. “ManiGlovz are UPF 50 gloves and are such a great way to achieve amazing protection,” adds Dr. Robinson.


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The Sunscreen:ManiGlovz® UPF 50 ($24)
The Dermatologist Superfan:Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson of Modern Dermatology® of Connecticut, in Westport, Connecticut
Why She Loves It:Though these gloves aren’t a traditional form of SPF, they still provide powerful protection against UV — which makes them a must for those of us hooked on gel manicures. “We know that UV radiation from the sun causes premature aging and skin cancer, but we can also receive UV radiation or high energy visible light from other sources, such as [some of] the lights used with gel manicures,” explains Dr. Robinson. She notes that they’re not only an excellent way to protect yourself at the salon, but are a great choice to pop on while driving, too.


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You most likely remember the sunscreen when you’re out and about…but what about when you get your gel mani? I love these gloves as a way to properly protect your hands. These ultra-chic Smooches ManiGlovz are made using powerful UPF 50+ UV Protective Compression tricot. They block over 98% of all UV and LED rays. Perfect for sun protection, gel manicures, driving, and post laser or cosmetic treatment protection.


The Truth About Gel Manicures and UV Drying Lamps—How To Get a Safer Manicure

Consider fingerless sun-protective gloves. Just like you can buy protective clothing with a UPF rating (the fabric version of SPF), you can buy manicure-ready protection for your hands, too. You’ll want to look for fingerless gloves with UPF 50, Dr. Wysong says, like these flashy ones from ManiGlovz ($25; or a more understated pair from MelodySusie ($11;


The Truth About Gel Manicures and UV Drying Lamps—How To Get a Safer Manicure

Consider fingerless sun-protective gloves. Just like you can buy protective clothing with a UPF rating (the fabric version of SPF), you can buy manicure-ready protection for your hands, too. You’ll want to look for fingerless gloves with UPF 50, Dr. Wysong says, like these flashy ones from ManiGlovz ($25; or a more understated pair from MelodySusie ($11;


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Who doesn’t love a good gel manicure? With an increasing number of women and men getting manicures, it’s time to consider protecting oneself from the harmful UV and LED lamps used to seal the polish. ManiGlovz are made using UV 50+ protective compression tricot and a four-way stretch polyester/Lycra blend available in a plethora of fun prints. If you’re really fashion forward, you can even accessorize your favorite leggings with these fabulous, fingerless gloves.


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ManiGlovz, $24: Love gel, but worried about those LED and UV lights destroying your mitts? Same. Which is why we’re obsessed with ManiGlovz. These UV protective manicure gloves take the place of SPF on your hands when you’re at the drying station and you needn’t worry about weird stares, since they come in a variety of on-trend prints and patterns. People will just assume they’re part of your lewk.


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Once you get engaged, nearly everyone will ask to see your sparkler, which is why we recommend keeping your nails beautiful throughout your engagement. If you like getting gel manicures, be sure to bring these protective gloves with you to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.


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Showing our friends we love them doesn’t have to be about spending a ton of cash or getting an outrageously unique gift. It really is the thought that counts. Giving them something that shows you care and are interested enough to pay attention can go a long way. You need thoughtful gifts, but may not know where to start. If your friend loves her gel manicures, this is a new glove for SPF protection during the UV drying portion. It’ll protect her against the risk of skin cancer during her salon visit. What better gift than that?


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Gel manicures are increasingly becoming more popular because they render your nails impeccable, durable, and chip-free for two weeks or more. However, there are some risks linked with gel manicures, which include skin damage from the UV Rays and the LED Lights used in the process. ManiGlovz fixes the problem so you’ll have a worry-free and safe gel manicure. The UPF + protective gloves not only protect your skin, but they’re safe and stylish. With a ton of fabulous and fun prints to choose from, you can’t go wrong with ManiGlovz. Each set comes in a 4 X 6 pouch that fits perfectly in your purse so you can have them on hand, no pun intended. We all know we need to protect our skin from sun damage, and our hands are equally important.


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With school right around the corner, we have the perfect gift guide to help any student (and their family!) survive the late nights, study sessions and whatever else it takes to make the grades. Start the Year with Great Nails: If you’re like us, you stopped getting gel manicures because of the harmful UV rays on your hands. ManiGlovz are what you’ve been waiting for to be pampered. We love this brilliant solution to a possible health risk. $24


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One of the downsides of gel manicures is that your hands are exposed to UV light. Enter these handy gloves, $24. Wright explains that the fingerless gloves use UV 50+ protective compression fabric along with hydrating aloe vera microcapsules to protect your hands from premature aging during gel manis. Plus, a portion of the sales go to the Skin Cancer Foundation and Pediatric Cancer Foundation — and the gloves come in fun colors and patterns.


Think Pink This Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Think Pink with skincare companies iS Clinical and The Better Skin Co, and hand care company Maniglovz that have designed products to help us win the war against breast cancer. Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month while getting your favorite pink gel mani as you slip your hands into ManiGlovz “Cotton Candy” for BCA. These UV protected gloves are designed to protect the skin on your hands as your nails dry under salon LED and UV lights. Throughout the month of October 2018, for every ManiGlovz “Cotton Candy” purchased, 40% of all proceeds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

ManiGlovz™ are made with UV 50+ Protective Compression Tricot (some with hydrating aloe vera microcapsules), and a combination of polyester super microfibers and lycra, a max dry performance fabric that resists runs and provides phenomenal 4 way stretch, along with superb retention capabilities. These stylish gloves are 82% Polyester, 18% Lycra, and come with a handy pouch for your purse.


How to Protect Your Skin from Gel Manicures

Do you love a nice long-lasting mani, but want to know how you can protect your skin from gel manicures? Believe me…I understand. I always feel more polished when my nails are done. That being said, I always seem to chip a regular mani within the first few days, so I love how you can get a gel manicure and not think about your nails for a couple weeks. On the other side of the coin, I don’t love that your skin can be damaged from the UV light exposure.

Enter Maniglovz…After your manicure is done, before your nail tech starts painting your nails, you can slip on these handy dandy gloves. Let’s think about it this way. Most of don’t visit tanning salons anymore. We know what they do to our skin. And we’re diligent about applying sunscreen daily. So, why would we let our hands go unprotected? Well, we don’t have to choose between those lovely long-lasting manis that we miss and skin damage. Thanks to Maniglovz we can protect our skin and rock fresh nails!