Spaced Out



These ultra-chic, award-winning, dermatologist-recommended UPF 50+ UV protective Spaced Out ManiGlovz are to be used when getting your gel manicures to protect against the harmful and aging UV and LED rays that are omitted from the gel curing lamp (BOTH UV and LED lamps have UVA rays which causes age spots, wrinkles and potentially skin cancer). ManiGlovz’s powerful UPF material blocks over 99% of these rays.

Spaced Out ManiGlovz can be used for sun protection, driving, and even post laser or cosmetic treatment protection! ManiGlovz are also WATER-RESISTANT making them perfect for outdoor activities and are the perfect extra layer of protection from germs as well as protecting your skin from the irritation of excessive use of sanitizer.

All the fabrics we source to make ManiGlovz are rigorously tested and rated in accordance with AATCC183, ASTM26544, and ASTM6603, the highest standards for UV fabric testing.

Dermatologist recommended and Allure Magazine Approved!